Enrollment Request

In order to maintain a safe environment, Dog Tired limits the number of dogs at daycare each day. As a result, we have a waiting list for those wishing to become members of our Dog Tired family. The waiting list is for anyone wishing to become a client, no matter the service you wish to utilize.

Openings are filled from our wait list. The waiting time depends on space availability, but our satisfied clients will tell you that Dog Tired is more than worth the wait! Current wait time for little dogs is approximately one week and four to six months for large dogs.

MaleFemaleYesNoYesNoFull DaysHalf Days

Once you click submit, we will receive your enrollment request. Please note the approximate wait times listed above. We will contact you to schedule an evaluation appointment as soon as you have reached the top of the waiting list. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or to check the status of your enrollment request.