Dog Tired offers daycare services to behaviorally sound dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Our goal is to provide dogs with lots of exercise in a safe and fun atmosphere.


•  Your dog is supervised all day long – not into things they shouldn’t be, at home!
•  Your dog will have stimulating activity and toys through out the day, and be tired in the evening!
•  Your dog will develop better social skills with other dogs, making lots of friends!

Daycare Fees

Single Day Options:

Full day: $38.00 per day
Half day: $28.00 per half day. Morning session 7AM-1PM Afternoon session 1PM-7PM
Additional dogs from the same household: $25.00 per dog per day


Daycare sessions may be purchased in packages.
Please note all packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

Full Day:

Five day package: $185.00 ($37.00 per day)
Ten day package: $360.00 ($36.00 per day)
Twenty day package: $700.00 ($35.00 per day)

Half Day:

Five day package: $135.00 ($27.00 per day)
Ten day package: $260.00 ($26.00 per day)
Twenty day package: $500.00 ($25.00 per day)

**Prices subject to change without notice

Registration Forms and Information

All dogs must have a completed application on file with Dog Tired.  Paperwork should include a complete pet personality profile, owner contact form, signed daycare contract and proof of current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian.

Registration forms will be handed out at the time of your dogs assessment.


As evidenced by trained staff and close supervision of the dog playgroups, you can easily see how doggie daycares are safer than un-manned dog parks. Now, let’s take a moment to discuss the extra steps Dog Tired takes to ensure the safest environment possible for your dog.

Enrollment Assessment: During the assessment, staff takes time to discuss any potential problems/concerns with the dog’s owner. Our next step is to introduce the your dog to the other dogs in daycare. We are very selective about the dogs we introduce first, using those that attend daycare frequently and do well amidst a variety of personalities. As the dog acclimates to his new surroundings, staff keeps a watchful eye for any signs of aggression. Posturing is to be expected. A new dog may emit a nervous growl to let the other dogs know that he needs some space. Overt aggression and lunging at other dogs, however, is not tolerated at Dog Tired.

Classroom Assignments: We can say, with assurance that dogs of mixed sizes can do well together. However, we know that not all big dogs are good with little dogs and vice versa. Our policy is to separate the big dogs from the little dogs and only in specific cases with the owner’s consent do we put a small/medium size dog in with the larger dogs.

Classroom Size: Dog Tired utilizes six different classrooms to ensure safe and smaller playgroups. Each classroom has an individual teacher (staff member) who stays with them the entire day. Dogs are supervised at all times, both in the classrooms as well as our outdoor play yard. Your dog will receive a written report card at the end of each visit describing their day.



Running amok may be rough on your K9 kid’s feet, and they may get sore and abraded pads.  This will go away as their pads get thicker and use to running on different surfaces.


Your K9 kid will be having so much fun playing at Dog Tired they may forget to pacethemselves and get sore muscles.  Over time this will fade as you see them get stronger and more in shape.


The new social interaction your K9 kid will encounter while being at Dog Tired will be both physically and mentally exhausting.  Look for your K9 kid to need a lot of rest when they get home.


Your K9 kid’s enthusiasm to enter the group will grow as they get used to being at Dog Tired.  Eventually they will be just as excited to get to Dog Tired as they are when you pick them up at night.


Your K9 kid’s coat may be wet when you pick them up during the summer – on hot summer days they may have been lounging in the pools.  Not to worry, the water is changed very frequently to keep them clean and healthy.


Their tail will be wagging and you may even see a smile on their face.  It’s their way of saying “THANKS” for bringing them to Dog Tired.